We are an Award Winning

Production Company that straddles two worlds—

the world of entertainment

and the world of serious documentaries

to educate, raise consciousness,

and help bring about positive change.

"Champions create a movement." ~ Noah Berlow

We are about illuminating taboo topics and sparking the conversation about solutions to ignite real, positive, actionable change in the world. From Director / Producer Noah Berlow, ICI has over 400 credits directing, producing, and editing feature and short length documentaries and narrative films that have appeared on Netflix, BBC, VH1’s Palladia TV, and BET.



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Meet The Team

Noah Berlow

Director, Producer, Editor

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Berlow produced and edited a documentary feature on female genital mutilation (FMG) in Kurdistan entitled Our World: Dropping the Knife – Kurdistan. Partners in the project included two fearless young Kurdish filmmakers, producer John Chua, HIVOS, an international humanitarian organization in the Netherlands, Amnesty International who also offered their production facilities in Amsterdam, The Guardian newspaper and BBC.


For his achievements in the art of filmmaking and demonstrated skill and effectiveness in visual storytelling that reflect and impact culture, filmmaker Berlow won the Outstanding Young Alumni Award for 2014.

Ian Lococo


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Creative and driven editor and filmmaker with extensive experience working production and post-production for fiction and non-fiction. Valued for having a positive attitude and being extremely organized.



Noah is the quintessential creative professional: punctual, resourceful, and a true artist. I've personally seen Noah edit stellar content from behind the scenes footage that was better than the actual production it came from. Whether it be Documentary, Music Video, BTS, Narrative or Commercial, Noah is able to take what's given to him and elevate it in a way that few editors can. He's an outstanding collaborator and his attitude will push you to do your best work, even during those long nights in the editing bay. I got an absolute crash-course in editing & videography while interning under him and produced professional work.


Noah is a consummate professional truly embodying the "get up and go" attitude that is too often absent in creative fields. While working on our film, Noah would not only assemble focus-groups and organize production staff but was also an accomplished leader with fantastic creative direction and a nose-to-the-grindstone work ethic. I would whole-heartedly recommend Noah for any position seeking a hardworking and out-of-the-box thinking individual. I hope that I get the chance to work on another film project with him again soon.

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